Genesis Revisited

Genesis Revisited is a novelette (approx. 75 pages in a print book) that tells what Nektar claims is the true story of Creation. It’s a far different version that anything you’ve read before and it’s not without some controversy. Whether it is actually true or not is up to you to decide, but if nothing else it provides a nice backstory (for Nektar’s version) of the plot from the Time of Creation to the opening of the series (Book 1 – War of the Ghast). While this knowledge is not required reading for you to follow along with the main story, if you want to go deeper into the world of A Grim Future?, this novelette will take you down quite a rabbit hole. Enjoy!

2a – Genesis Revisited
2b – The Morning Star
2c – Behold Man…and more?
2d – The Garden
2e – The Offspring
2f – The Baals
2g – Forward the Foundation